250th Bikehangar installed in Waltham Forest

27 July 2018


250th Bikehangar

More than 1,500 secure bicycle parking spots have been provided to residents with limited storage space, supporting more people to get on their bikes.

Thanks to the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme, 250 Bikehangars which provide six secure parking spaces each have been installed in streets across the borough over the last three years.

Residents in Elmfield Road celebrated today (Friday 27 July) after the 250th Bikehangar was installed in their road and to mark the occasion was wrapped in a photograph taken of a reservoir in the nearby Walthamstow Wetlands.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “We are dedicated to making it easier for our residents to get on a bike which is why the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme has always been about more than just creating new cycle lanes.

“Getting bikes out of flats and stairwells and into these hangars means they are more likely to be used regularly, and are also less of a safety hazard for our residents.

“The Bikehangars are in huge demand and we have accelerated our programme over the last year by installing more than 100 new Bikehangars for residents in the last eight months alone. We are currently looking at more sites and will be installing another 75 before the year is out.”

Bikehangars are made and installed by Cyclehoop and take up less space than one car on a road. Since the first installation in Salop Road in 2015 Bikehangars have been in popular demand, with the council receiving more than 3,000 requests from residents. Residents are allocated a space in a Bikehangar, which costs £20 a year, based on a number of criteria including the available space they have to store a bike in their home and their commitment to cycling more often.

Managing Director of Cyclehoop Anthony Lau said: “We are really proud to have to have installed the 250th Bikehangar in a borough where we have had a great partnership over the past three years. Reaching this milestone is indicative of the increase in cycling across the city as well as the commendable work that Waltham Forest has done in order to achieve it.”

Councillor Loakes added: “As well as secure parking the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme has been supporting people who want to start riding with free bike hire, including cargo bikes, and training for adults and children who live, work or study in the borough

“Cycling has a huge benefit to everyone, it means there are less cars on the road, helping to reduce air pollution and reduce congestions. It is also great exercise which means those that ride their bike for at least 20 minutes a day are less likely to develop several severe diseases improving their own health, and placing less of a strain on the NHS.”


The 250th bikehangar in its special Wetlands wrap


The Waltham Forest bikehangar project team
Cllr Clyde Loakes and the Waltham Forest bikehangar project team


Using the new bikehangar
The new bikehangar is already being used