Regeneration: The Town Hall campus - our vision

Artist's impression of Town Hall Fountain. Credit: Churchman Thornhill Finch



The Town Hall Campus transformation programme is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a new neighbourhood in the heart of the Borough, refurbish cherished historic buildings and open up the Campus to the public. In doing so, it will transform the way the Council operates and delivers services to residents.

There are three main reasons for doing this:

  1. Opening up the Town Hall Campus with a new public space and public realm so that can be enjoyed by residents, visitors and staff in Chapel End ward and the heart of the borough.
  2. To contribute much needed housing, with 50% affordable, by selling off council offices in other parts of the borough that are expensive to run, not fit for purpose, and confusing for customers who have to travel between sites.
  3. Significant investment into our historic buildings means the Grade II-listed Town Hall and Assembly Hall is protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Here is a summary of the proposals:

Phase 1 (April 2020-April 2021)

  • Protecting the Grade II listed Town Hall and Assembly Hall through thoughtful and considerate renovation whilst modernising the building to enable better staff working
  • Opening up and pedestrianising the area around the fountain, replacing it with an accessible water feature that is safe and welcoming
  • Ensuring the Town Hall and Assembly Hall are fully accessible for all visitors
  • Restoring the War Memorial to its former glory with a better space for memorial events

Phase 1: What’s happening when?

Following consultations with residents the Council has received approval to deliver the first phase of the development (Planning Committee minutes can be found on the Democracy website). A contractor and an architecture firm have been appointed to work closely with the Council to ensure a high-quality, respectful refurbishment of the Town Hall, Assembly Hall, and fountain area.

Work will begin early next year with minimal interruption to the Town Hall and no disruption to services.

Phase 1: The fountain and surrounding area

The design of the fountain is being altered due to it being considered unsafe by today’s health and safety standards. The fountain is not listed. The new plans will open up the area in front of the Town Hall and create a more accessible space for all our residents, workers and visitors. Residents were consulted on the new plans prior to planning approval, all consultation boards are linked to below. Download questions and answers about the Town Hall fountain.

Phase 1: Resident engagement event

Consultation boards from the phase 1 resident consultations are below.

Consultation board 1
Consultation board 2
Consultation board 3
Consultation board 4
Consultation board 5
Consultation board 6
Consultation board 7
Consultation board 8
Consultation board 9
Consultation board 10

Phase 2: (late 2020 - early 2023)

  • Building over 450 new high-quality homes for local people, with 50% affordable
  • Refurbishing the existing green spaces and improving accessibility to Chestnut’s Field to create a space that is flexible and multifunctional
  • Constructing a new modern, fit for purpose civic building with retail services at ground floor for the public use
  • Bringing the majority of council employees together in one hub, seeing staff from older, less efficient Council offices across the borough move into new office space on the Town Hall Campus site.
  • Completing Hepworth’s vision of a Waltham Forest Town Hall Campus

Phase 2: What’s happening when?

In January 2020, the Council announced leading UK developer Countryside as the delivery partner for phase 2 of the project. Read more about the partnership.

The Council will advise when consultations and engagement sessions are happening as plans progress.


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