Alternative Provision Review and Consultation

15 October 2019
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As part of the Council’s long-term commitment to improve outcomes and life chances for the children and young people living in Waltham Forest, with a specific focus on ensuring that we are maximising our efforts to support some of our most vulnerable groups, we commissioned a review of our Alternative Provision. This review considers four overarching principles for children and young people:

  • Creating diverse learning and development opportunities that maximise their educational and vocational outcomes
  • Strengthening their emotional health and well-being
  • Helping them maximise their individual potential
  • Keeping them safe from harm, sexual and criminal exploitation 

The review was carried out over the spring and summer months this year through a series of interviews, workshops, meetings and activities with parents, carers, children and young people, schools and other relevant professionals. The Review of Alternative Provision Report and the Executive Summary documents provide insight and clarity to the local picture of alternative provision within Waltham Forest.

Strategic Proposal Response to Review of Alternative Provision

Having given the review careful consideration, the Council has produced a Proposal Response to Review of AP to respond to the findings of the review. We invite the public, particularly parents, carers, children and young people, teachers and school leaders; those impacted by the provision, to feedback to us through the following engagement activities:

Respond to the questions raised in the ‘Council response to review of AP’ document by completing this online survey

Attend consultation meeting for Schools – this meeting is for students and teachers. Taking place Tuesday 12 November, 10am to 12pm, at:

Belmont Park School
101 Leyton Green Road
E10 6DB

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Attend public consultation meeting – this meeting is open to all members of the public. Taking place Tuesday 19 November, 5pm to 7pm, at:

The Hall, Leytonstone Library
6 Church Lane
E11 1HG

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