Apply to film in Waltham Forest


Waltham Forest Film Office

Waltham Forest Film Office aims to help filmmakers and photographers make use of the borough for their productions.

Waltham Forest is a popular location for filming. Every year we receive over 70 applications for filming and most of these applications become actual film and TV shoots – including Strictly Come Dancing and The Voice.

Waltham Forest Film Office aims to help filmmakers and photographers:

  • find their ideal location in the borough
  • co-ordinate with relevant parties such as highways, parks or housing departments
  • get the correct licensing and health and safety information
  • contact the Metropolitan Police Service Film Unit for assistance if required

Who should apply for a filming licence?

To find out if you’ll need to apply for a filming licence please see guidance on the Film London website.

If you’re unsure please contact the Waltham Forest Film Office for more guidance.

How to apply

Contact our film office at or 020 8496 2880 in the first instance. We will then send you the relevant application form and guidance if required.

Once the application is returned we’ll review and contact the relevant parties. If approved we’ll then take payment and issue the licence.


Please see attached costs for filming applications (50KB Word document)

Information for residents

If filming requires road closures or significant parking suspensions, residents will be informed by the production company through door-to-door leafleting or by post as early as possible. Nobody will be kept from moving in and out of their homes during filming but they may be asked to come and go during filming breaks.

Residents can object to filming, after receiving information from the production company or when filming is taking place, by emailing the film office. These objections are taken into account and the licence can be amended to reflect any issues raised.

If residents want to apply to have the outsides of their homes used for filming they’ll need to do this via outside filming agencies.

TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice, Say Yes to the Dress, Take Me Out and the Great Food Rescue have all been filmed in the borough. A particular highlight for the area was when Walthamstow based Fleur East reached the X Factor final and a live show was set up and filmed at Walthamstow Assembly Hall.

Other great locations we have for filming include Walthamstow Market, William Morris Gallery, Leyton Orient Football Club, Leyton Leisure Pool and the Town Hall complex.