Bin collection days to change in Waltham Forest starting 2 March 2020

11 February 2020


Bin day changes start Monday 2 March 2020

Bin collection days in Waltham Forest will change for residents, starting from Monday 2 March 2020, as the Council makes changes to its waste and recycling collection service to make it more efficient.  

More than 75 per cent of households will have a new bin collection day.  Of those households affected by the day changes, 61 per cent will have their new collection day seven days or less after their current day.

Rubbish and recycling will still be collected weekly, with garden and food waste continuing to be collected every two weeks for most of the borough. Flats with communal bins will now receive a weekly food collection, replacing the previous fortnightly service. 

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader for Waltham Forest Council and Cabinet Member for Environment said: “We will still collect rubbish and recycling all on the same day, the only change will be to the collection day. Over the last ten years the borough has seen significant changes with new developments - detailed analysis has been undertaken of the borough’s properties, bin numbers and road network to devise the new collection routes to improve efficiency and deliver best value to our residents.” 

“We will also be using separate vehicles to collect waste and recycling,  we know residents are used to having their bins collected by the same vehicle but using separate vehicles means more can fit as there is additional space, allowing the crews to stay out collecting for longer before having to travel back and empty each load saving both time and fuel.” 

“From 2 March more than 85 per cent of waste produced in your home can now be recycled on your doorstep, as we expand our collection services to include small electrical items, clothing and household batteries.”

“To inform residents of these changes they will receive a card in the post with their new day which will confirm whether their day is changing or not and details of how they can recycle more than ever before."

“I want to thank residents for their patience during this transition period and anyone unsure of their bin collection day can check on our our website.”

Waltham Forest Council will expand its collection services to include small electrical items, clothing including pairs of shoes, and household batteries. To have small electricals, clothing and household batteries collected, residents must leave these items out on top of their green and brown recycling bins on their normal collection day, inside a plastic bag. They should not be placed inside any of the wheelie bins but left out in plain view on top of them.

Batteries left for collection will be recycled. Clothing and small electrical items will be made available for reuse if in a good enough condition. If they are unsuitable to be reused, they will also be recycled.

These items cannot be collected from flats with communal bins at this time and should be taken to a public recycling bank instead. To find a public recycling bank, go to

The changes are being introduced as part of Waltham Forest Council’s new neighbourhood services contract with Urbaser, who took over from the previous provider in September last year.

Javier Peiro, Managing Director at Urbaser Ltd, said: “The changes to collection days are being introduced as a result of intensive analysis of the collection rounds in the borough. The new routes and new vehicles will make the service more efficient and more effective, as well as enable a wider range of recyclable items to be collected. We hope residents enjoy the new kerbside collection service, which will reduce waste, encourage re-use and increase recycling.”

Other changes that have already begun as a result of the new contract include the use of fully-electric street sweepers and supervisor vans and low-emission dust carts to improve air quality and ensure a minimal environmental impact.

All of the changes made are in support of the Council’s declaration of a climate emergency in 2019. Recycling saves energy, costs less than other means of waste disposal, and reduces the borough’s negative contributions to climate change. By making recycling more accessible to residents and expanding the items that can be recycled, the Council can take a significant step towards improving its impact on the global environment.

Check to see if there will be any changes to your bin collection days here.

For more information including answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please click here.