Businesses, knife crime is also your business

4 July 2018

Waltham Forest businesses can help promote the Mayor's #LondonNeedsYouAlive movement which is targeting young adults who are at risk of being involved in knife crime.

Knife crime has been substantially rising in the capital recently. London has already witnessed 29 knife crime-related deaths in 2018, with a large number of victims and offenders being in their 20s, as well as many more knife crime-related incidents.

The fact is more and more young people are carrying knives and more are becoming victims of such crimes.  The #LondonNeedsYouAlive movement has received backing from the Mayor's office as a way of targeting young people, to come to an understanding of the issues of knife crime and its horrific consequences.

Businesses can be involved in this movement by displaying posters and helping to raise the awareness of knife crime to young people.

Download the kit for posters and leaflets which can be put around your store/venue helping to raise awareness of knife crime.