Community Walking and Cycling Fund phase 2 is underway

5 February 2020


Joy Riders 2019

Following the successful first round of the Community Walking and Cycling Fund last year, a second round of existing and new projects are being launched this Spring. 

Last year, the Community Walking and Cycling fund was awarded to 10 community groups and saw various initiatives grow across the borough, all of which encouraged residents to walk and cycle more. This year, Waltham Forest Council are partnering with the charity Ashden, who are passionate about tackling the climate change crisis, to offer Phase 2 of the fund. This will be provided to 10 existing and new projects to continue to help Waltham Forest residents to walk and cycle more.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Environment: “As a council we have been trying to encourage our residents to choose more active modes of transportation for their work, leisure, travel and health needs, but more often people respond better to seeing their neighbours and friends walking and cycling. This is why we’re asking local groups to get on board to support more of our residents to discover the enjoyment and benefits of a more active lifestyles. Active Travel- walking, cycling or even micro- scooting- also helps reduce harmful emissions, meaning the air we breathe is cleaner as we continue to tackle the climate emergency. We know there are lots of groups out there trying to make a difference and this fund will help many of them succeed in delivering their plans for 2020.”

Waltham Forest would like to extend its congratulations to the successful applicants. We are looking forward to seeing what’s achieved over 2020.

2020 Community Walking and Cycling funded projects:

  • Waltham Forest Rides for All: Led cycle rides around the borough which are accessible to all regardless of disability thanks to a range of adapted cycles.
  • Baby Biking: After a successful course last summer in Leytonstone, Baby Biking moves to Walthamstow to provide advice and equipment on how to carry your baby or toddler by cycle.
  • Carers Walking Group: Walks around the borough for unpaid carers with trained walk leaders and volunteers on hand to help build confidence. Different lengths and locations will be available.
  • COG BMX – Strider to BMX: Following the success of COG’s under 10’s BMX sessions launched last year, COG is launching new under 6 strider bike sessions - the perfect environment for children to try out cycling for the first time.
  • Markhouse Family Connexions: Monthly family rides around the borough, beginning and ending at Thomas Gamuel Park. Each ride will include a visit to an attraction in Waltham Forests where a family activity will be planned.
  • Motherload Screening & Cargo Bike Trials: Screening of Liz Canning’s documentary about how cargo bike can empower mothers, families, communities and advocacy networks in the face of isolation and disconnection of the digital age. A selection of cargo bikes will be available to try out on the day.
  • Family Cycling Fun Day: After last year’s award winning summer fun day, FECycle are planning an even bigger event this year with cycling activities available for the whole family to enjoy and get involved with.
  • Epping Forest E Bike Adventures 2: Combine the beauty of the Epping Forest trails with the technology of electric bikes to discover the enjoyment and health benefits of cycling. Individual and group sessions area available with E bikes for children and adults. 
  • Friday Hill Bike Project: Helping residents of the Friday Hill housing estate improve their physical and mental wellbeing through cycling.
  • Waltham Forest Family Bike Club (Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign) & JoyRiders London Community Rides: New feeder rides led by Joyriders to connect Leyton residents with the extremely popular Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign monthly family and beginner rides.
  • Walk and Talk for Your Life: 10-week socialising and exercise programme. Each session begins with an hour of exercise followed by a group discussion on a health topic.

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