Community ward funding

Every ward in the borough has an annual allocation of £10,000 to spend on local projects. This grant is for local improvement projects or initiatives that meet the Council’s priority to help all of our residents enjoy a good quality of life.

Applications for the first round of 2018/19 Community Ward Funding has now closed.

Successful projects will be announced from Monday 13 August. If you have submitted an application via the online application form, please wait until you receive an email with your offer letter. You will then be directed to provide further information in the requirements section of your project account.

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A second funding round for remaining 2018/19 funds will open in October 2018. We encourage you to subscribe to our e-newsletter to keep up to date with Council news and announcements regarding future funding programmes and opportunities. 

Read the ward funding guidelines from the previous round

    My ward funding application has been successful, when do I have to complete my project by?

    2018/19 funding

    If you applied for 2018/19 funding, you must complete your project and submit your project evidence by 31 March 2019.

    If you submitted a special 2019 summer event application form, you must complete your event and submit all relevant project receipts by 31 August 2018.

    2017/18 funding

    If you applied for 2017/18 funding, you must complete your project by 31 May 2019 and submit all relevant project receipts by 30 June 2019.

    Funding for all previous years is closed.

    We have introduced funding rounds and brought the project completion date to the end of the same financial year to make the grant management process more efficient and ensure all funds are fully utilised.

    Why has the process for community ward funding changed?

    Applicants for community ward funding must now complete an online application form and funding rounds have been introduced. This new way of managing applications and grants will be much easier, reliable and transparent for applicants and decision makers.


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    Email: Community Ward Funding Team

    Please note that we are no longer accepting applications in the previous format. All applications must be submitted as an online application form which will open in October as part of the next funding round.