Council Tax arrears

Council Tax

If you’re struggling to pay your Council Tax, contact us as soon as possible.

Remember: The longer you ignore a debt problem, the worse the situation becomes.

Council Tax payments are due on the first day of each month. If you don’t pay your instalment or your payment arrives late, you will receive a reminder.

If you continually pay late or do not pay at all, you will receive a final notice or court summons. When you have received either of these, you’ll lose your right to pay by instalments, and you’ll also need to pay the full balance for the year in one payment.

If you would like to pay your Council Tax on a different date in the month, you can set up a Direct Debit quickly and easily. There are a choice of payment dates available and paying by this method will stop the need for us to send you reminders, final notices or summonses, which will add to the amount you owe.

The Council Tax collection and recovery policy (375KB word) describes how the council collects and gets back Council Tax it's owed.

Council Tax Support Click to get info

Get help to pay for Council Tax if you're on a low income or get some state benefits with Council Tax Support.

Help with budgeting Click to get info

If you want some help and advice on budgeting, there are many independent organisations that can help you to manage your money: 

  • The Money Advice Service can help you develop a personal spending plan and gives advice on bank accounts and other financial products.

  • The National Debtline is a debt charity which offers free impartial advice with instant recommendations based on your circumstances.

  • Walthamstow Citizens Advice Bureau - Adviceline 0300 330 1175 - can help with debt problems and provide help to residents who are worried that they may be about to get into debt and want help to prevent it.