Cycle security: cycle hubs and 'Bikehangars'


Secure cycle hubs at stations

We’ve installed seven new, secure cycle hubs at stations across the borough to make parking your bike easy and convenient.

For an annual fee of £30 you can leave your bike at any of these hubs while you’re out and about.

All of our cycle hubs have:

  • CCTV
  • key fob entry
  • help points
  • enhanced lighting
  • two-tiered user-friendly assisted cycle parking racks
  • cycle pumps

We’ve also installed even more cycle stands nearby.

Cycle hub locations

Station  Location  Spaces  Opening
Walthamstow Central​ Selborne Road​ 80​ Open
Walthamstow Station Approach 80 Open
Leytonstone​ Church Lane​ 50​ Open
Wood Street​ Junction of Wood Street and Valentine Road​ 28 Open
St James Street​ Between Subway and Tesco Express 28 Open
Blackhorse Road​ Forest Road​ 50 2019
Leyton​ To the right of Leyton Station when exiting 150​ Open
Lea Bridge Argall Way 28 Open

We know that storing a bike at home can be particularly difficult in smaller properties. Since 2015, we've been installing Bikehangars around the borough, to provide safe, secure and convenient cycle storage.

We've received thousands of requests for bike hangars, and we're working hard to prioritise areas of high demand. So far we've installed 225 secure hangars across the borough.

A Bikehangar provides six bike parking spaces. 

Users are given a key to access their hangar. Each space costs an annual fee of £20.

Find out more about Bikehangars on our Enjoy Waltham Forest website, where you can also register your interest to have a Bikehangar installed near you. 

Here are a few tips to help you keep your bike safe:

  • Always lock your bicycle when you leave it
  • Try to avoid leaving your bike in isolated places. Leave it where the public can see it but try not to leave on public display for long periods - even if locked properly
  • Use a bike stand or shed if there's one available
  • Lock your bicycle through the frame using two good locks
  • Secure or remove wheels: Secure the removable parts; lock both the wheels and the frame together; remove smaller parts and accessories that can't be secured
  • Lock your bike to an immovable object, such as a bike rack or ground anchors. Determined thieves can remove drainpipes and lift bikes over signposts
  • Make the lock and bike hard to move when parked. Stop thieves smashing it open by keeping the lock away from the ground. Keep the gap between bike and lock small
  • Insure your bike, either by extending your home contents insurance or by getting a separate policy. Cycling organisations such as the London Cycling Campaign and Cycling UK, and many bike shops offer specialist cover
  • Make a note of the serial number, make and model of your bike. Keep a photograph of your bike
  • Have the frame security marked. Visit the Bike Register website to find out how to mark and protect your bike