Dogs at events

Arts and events

‘Dog friendly for friendly dogs’

Our general approach is to welcome well-behaved dogs on a lead at our events. There may be circumstances relating to the location or nature of the event which make it unsuitable for dogs and we will advise accordingly. We will provide information on the website and advanced local signage identifying whether the event is dog friendly.

You are welcome to bring your dog along with you to the majority of our events.

At the event we would ask that you:

  • Keep your dog with you at all times and on a lead
  • Keep out of specific child play areas, food zones and marked stage areas – please watch out for markings on the ground
  • Remove and dispose of any dog fouling promptly
  • Prevent your dog from causing any form of nuisance or distress

At the point of entry and at any other time during the event we may refuse entry or ask you to leave if you do not adhere to the above. We may also ask you to leave if the event has become unsuitable for animals due to loud noise or crowding. Please remember to consider the needs of your dog at events e.g. adequate water and shelter.

A number of events may be less suitable for dogs, for example those where we have concert-style seating or where we are expecting high volumes of visitors.

  • We will identify these events in advance on our website
  • We will also place advisory notices that the event may be unsuitable for dogs

If you choose to take your dog to these types of events the same expectations apply as set out in section one above and we again reserve the right to refuse entry or ask you and your dog to leave.

Dogs not allowed Click to get info

  • Some green spaces in Waltham Forest do not permit dogs, for example Leyton Cricket Ground and Sidmouth Park. Therefore events held in these locations will be dog-free
  • Certain events, for example where there are fireworks will be identified as not suitable for dogs and they will be excluded from the event
  • Where we have dog-free events, we will minimise the impact on dog walkers by limiting the exclusion period before the event starts, but this may vary according to set up/dismantling requirements

We will be reviewing our approach in the Autumn following the implementation of this new advice and will be seeking the views of dog owners and non-dog owners to help us improve the quality of our events.