Dry January 2018

29 December 2017

Join the 5 million people all around the country going dry this January and Beyond. Sign up for Dry January today.

Visit the Waltham Forest Directory for more information on support available in Waltham Forest available for people who are dependent on drugs and alcohol, and their families.


  • Get access to our free app, which helps you keep track of your month and beyond, with features like a calorie calculator, unit tracker and tool to show how much you’ve saved.
  • Receive regular support emails with tips, tricks and information from experts in alcohol to make your month easier and more fun.
  • Have help on hand: if you’re struggling, we’ll support you.

There are loads of reasons for taking part in Dry January. Here are just a few:

  • New year, new you - do Dry January and feel healthier and happier as you sleep better, your skin improves and you lose weight.
  • More money in your pocket.
  • Get healthier - through giving up alcohol for a month you do your insides a lot of good.

PLEASE NOTE- For people with an alcohol addiction it can be unsafe to stop drinking suddenly as it can lead to unpleasant or even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, including hallucinations, seizures and severe vomiting. Our alcohol services can help anyone with an addiction by guiding them through a safe and medically supervised detox.  If you need any advice or guidance while making changes around your alcohol use please contact CGL Waltham Forest on 0203 826 9600.