Fire safety in Waltham Forest: FAQs

23 June 2017


Waltham Forest Council Town Hall

These frequently asked questions are for tenants of homes and properties owned and managed by Waltham Forest Council.

Those who live in privately owned or managed bocks, including housing associations, should contact their landlord, the property owner, or the property management agency for guidance and advice.

The London Fire Brigade Know the Plan information page here has lots of information about fire safety that we encourage residents to read.

I am worried about a potentially dangerous issue in my block. What should I do?
Our residents and staff are encouraged to raise any fire concerns they see by speaking to their Housing Officer or contacting us direct on 0208 496 4079. Issues could range from reporting dumped rubbish in a hallway or identifying vandalism, to a faulty fire door or problems with a smoke alarm. Where any concerns are raised these are addressed and dealt with immediately - we take our fire safety responsibilities very seriously.

What should residents of high-rise blocks do if a fire does break out?
There will be an evacuation notice in the common area of your property that indicates what to do in the case of a fire. The advice from the London Fire Brigade is “Stay Put” unless the Fire Brigade advise you to evacuate. We advise residents to ensure they are aware of the evacuation procedures that apply to their block.

Do any of the council blocks in Waltham Forest use the same cladding as was used at Grenfell Tower?
None of our blocks use the same cladding as was installed at Grenfell Tower.

How many tower blocks are there in Waltham Forest?
There are currently 21 blocks over the height of six storeys in the London Borough of Waltham Forest.  A breakdown of these properties is as follows: one block of 21 storeys; two blocks of 15 storeys; three blocks of 13 storeys; one block of 12 storeys; two blocks of 10 storeys; three blocks of eight storeys; one block of seven storeys and eight blocks of six storeys.

Lea Bridge House
We have received several queries specifically about the Lea Bridge House development. We are working closely with property owners Paradigm Housing as they work on this redevelopment. There is no intention to add any cladding to the existing ten-storey building.

A sprinkler system will be installed in Lea Bridge House, and staff will be on site 24 hours a day seven days a week. However, as a matter of precaution, the developer is reviewing the whole building with its Health and Safety specialist consultants and staff.