Gallery of Shame

8 December 2017
Enforcement teams' recent successes in Waltham Forest

The council's enforcement teams work hard to keep consumers safe when they buy from food business in the borough as well as to keep neighbourhoods clean, green and safe for all to enjoy. Anyone caught operating a food business unsafely or unhygienically, or caught fly-tipping / fly posting, may be fined and even prosecuted. 

Remember - you can quickly and easily check the food hygiene rating of any food business online by using the Food Standards Agency's online toolkit here. You can report fly-tipping, fly-posting, or dog fouling directly to our crews to be resolved as soon as possible using Facebook Messenger or Twitter.   

August 2019 Click to get info


The owners of a Leyton-based wholesalers were given a £25,000 fine after Waltham Forest Council food safety officers found serious failings that could have endangered the health of customers.

Officers visited Jumbo UK Ltd, Unit 6 - 9 Lea Valley Business Park, 2-3 Lammas Road, Leyton, E10 7QU, and immediately shut the premises due to filthy, unhygienic storage conditions and active pest infestations.

On Thursday 25 July 2019 the case was heard at Thames Magistrates Court where Jumbo UK and its directors Hassam and Chady Krayem had entered guilty pleas. Despite trying to claim in mitigation that an employee responsible for pest control at the store had left without notice, the court found the defendants wholly liable. They were fined a total of £25,000, with an additional victim surcharge of £180 and costs of £1,000 awarded to the council.


The dirty kitchen at Lagos Island
Dead pests litter the floor at Jumbo Ltd.



The dirty kitchen at Lagos Island
Mouse droppings on top of boxes of food products.


Fly-tipping costs culprits 

Neighbourhood Officers investigated this rubbish dumped on Harbet Road, Chingford, and discovered evidence that led to the culprit being identified. The guilty party paid an out-of-court settlement of £1000 in early August 2019. 


Chingford fly-tip
This fly-tip in Chingford contained information that led to the culprit being identified.



Chingford fly-tip
The guilty party paid an out of court settlement of £1000

July 2019 Click to get info

Lagos Island

An outbreak of suspected food poisoning led to the closure of Leyton-based restaurant Lagos Island.

Officers started to receive complaints on Monday 8 July after guests who had attended a function at the venue started to experience illness and symptoms of food poisoning. Officers visited the premises the next day, Tuesday 9 July, and found out-of-date food that had not been stored correctly in the filthy kitchen, alongside an active mouse infestation.

On Thursday 11 July Thames Magistrates Court granted a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order (HEPO) and awarded the council costs of £1,980.00. The magistrates also granted a Food Condemnation Notice to destroy the rotten food that was found at the restaurant.

mouse faeces on food containerWEB.jpg

The dirty kitchen at Lagos Island
Mouse droppings on containers storing food.


rancid eggsWEB.jpg

The dirty kitchen at Lagos Island
Rancid, rotten eggs in the Lagos island kitchen

June 2019 Click to get info

The Hallz Delight Nature Hut, Unit 6, 100 Wood Street, Walthamstow E17 3HX was closed on Tuesday 4 June 2019 after a routine visit identified the poor structure of the premises as a potential risk to public health. Officers discovered that the kitchen was open to the outside environment, which could have resulted in contamination of food. Additionally, the business did not have a hot water supply.

On Friday 14 June, Thames Magistrates Court granted a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order (HEPO) and awarded the council costs of £835.00.

The next week, officers visited Master Halal Meat, 131 High Street, Walthamstow, E17 7DB, on Tuesday 11 June where they found an active mouse infestation in the premises, close to where meat was being prepared for sale. They immediately closed the business using HEPO powers, confirmed at hearing at Thames Magistrates Court on Tuesday 18 June where costs of £1,054.57 were awarded to the council.

In the final case officers closed the China House takeaway, 795 High Road Leyton, London, E10 7AA, on Wednesday 19 June after finding rats and flies infesting the premises, alongside very poor standards of cleaning and repair. They also found food being stored outside of temperature control, which could have led to it becoming spoiled. Costs of £748.00 were awarded to the council at a hearing at Thames Magistrates Court on Tuesday 29 June.

China House 2web.jpg

China House was closed in June 2019
Pests had gnawed packets of food in the China House kitchen.


China House 3web.jpg

China House, Leyton
Droppings were even found on the cleaning products at China House