Get a venue licence for marriages and civil partnerships

Births, deaths and marriages

A venue, other than a church or register office, must have a licence to carry out a marriage or civil partnership ceremony.

The licence lasts three years and can be renewed.

The licence application process usually takes at least six to eight weeks.

Cost of the licence

New applications and renewals: £950 for three years. This is payable at the beginning of the first year.

One licence covers as many ceremony rooms as you want in the venue.

Approval requirements Click to get info

There are certain conditions a marriage/civil partnership venue must meet before it can be approved for a licence. has more information on approval requirements.

We use this guidance on registering a venue for civil marriage and civil partnership to assess your application.

Applicants can ask us for a pre-inspection meeting before sending us a formal application. To arrange this, please email

Guidance notes:

Approval requirements for new applications (42KB Word document)

Approval requirements for renewal applications (41 KB Word document)

  1. To apply, send the following information to the address in the Contact section below:
  • completed application form (below)
  • three copies of a plan of the building showing the area(s) where ceremonies will be held
  • a copy of the fire safety report
  • the fee 
  1. We will then inspect the venue and give you a decision.
  2. If your venue meets the conditions needed for a licence, you will need to fill in the Notice of Application form (below) and return it to us.
  3. We will then place a notice on this page under the section below 'Venue applications being considered'.
  4. This notice will remain for three consecutive weeks before your licence can be granted. 


Approved premises application form (doc 40KB)

Notice of application form (doc 25KB)

If you want to use your building for religious worship and marriage, you must apply for it to be certified. 

Find out how to apply to certify a building for worship and marriage on GOV.UK

Depending on your requirements, you may need Form 76, Form 78, or  both. You can find out which you need from the link above and then download it by typing its name into the search bar. 

Please return your completed form(s) to us - at the address in the Contact section below.

This section will be updated regularly, as venues apply for a licence. 

  • None currently listed

If you have any objections, please contact us within 21 days from the date of publication at the address in the Contact section below, stating your reasons for objecting.

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The Superintendent Registrar
Waltham Forest Register Office
106 Grove Road
E17 9BY