Get your business ready for the London Borough of Culture 2019


As the first ever London Borough of Culture, we want to create a lasting legacy and capture the imagination of hundreds of thousands of visitors. There’s already a busy schedule of events planned throughout 2019, and more are being added.

This means there will be a lot of new opportunities for your business to make the most of the increased visitor numbers and thousands of potential new customers.

Get your business ready

We’ve created this ‘business ready’ checklist to help you make the most of this opportunity. 

Help new visitors:

  • be a source of event information
  • provide a friendly and welcoming approach
  • consider letting visitors use your toilet if they ask

Let customers know you’ll be open before, during and after each event:

  • update your signage to show this
  • promote extended opening hours to existing customers
  • tell customers online and through social media

How to accommodate the increased footfall:

  • consider if extra staff are needed
  • flexible shift patterns to have more staff available during peak times
  • consider stock requirements and merchandising to improve access to bestselling items

Attract new customers to your business:

  • use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TripAdvisor to promote your business
  • use Twitter event hashtags #wfculture19 #mylocalculture
  • promote your business on Google Maps
  • give offers and promotions
  • make your shop look attractive and inviting; use performance, animation and visual merchandising to attract visitors
  • run your own promotions before and after the main events to increase dwell time in your business
  • make the most of your new audience by promoting future events or offers to bring them back for more
  • work in partnership with neighbouring business to complement each other and avoid duplication of offers

Stock products that customers are likely to buy more of:

  • ensure you have a full range of stock
  • get additional stock for ranges that sell out quickly
  • if your business is a restaurant, consider a reduced menu or an express option
  • smaller, impulse buy items may be more attractive to visitors

Consider accepting card payments:

  • contactless cards, debit cards and credit cards will be the preferred payment method by almost everyone
  • payments made by card are quicker, safer and cheaper than cash

Download our guide on choosing a card payment provider (PDF 90KB)

There are many benefits of accepting credit and debit card payments including:

  • consumers want, and expect, to use their cards for payment
  • it’s good customer service, so you may get repeat business
  • customers are more likely to buy additional, impulse, items
  • cardholders may buy more expensive items
  • it’s safer - less cash will reduce your risk of theft
  • you save time - no trips to the bank
  • shorter queues - contactless payments are quicker than cash

We’d like to understand what you’d like to get out of Borough of Culture 2019, and how it could impact your business. Your feedback could help us to shape future activities and events.

The information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential and the results will be reported anonymously.

Complete our survey

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