Gigabit broadband vouchers worth up to £2500 available for Waltham Forest businesses

9 November 2018
Online council services

If you are a small or medium sized business based in Waltham Forest you could benefit from a voucher worth up to £2,500 to upgrade your broadband, and be ready for gigabit capable infrastructure.

Are you a business struggling with your broadband speeds, or expecting to need a better, faster connection in the near future? Gigabit speeds will enable you to conduct your business more efficiently, with the growth of cloud data storage, improved security systems, audio and video conferencing, streaming and remote working all having a huge impact on the need for faster broadband.

How to get involved in the scheme

In order to receive a voucher there would need to be a registered supplier in your area, if there isn’t, you could approach a supplier (individually or in consortium with neighbouring businesses and residents) and encourage them to register. They could be a local or a national supplier.

For more information see the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport website