Going the extra mile to keep your streets clean

1 February 2018


Ryan keeping streets clean

Play your part

We are all Team Waltham Forest and we all have to take pride in our local neighbourhoods. Together we can make our borough even more clean, green and loved.

We need you to work with us to keep Waltham Forest clean – play your part, be part of the team and clear your rubbish in the right way. You can also quickly report street issues to us  

Would you like to take part in a litter picking group or clean up event? We can give you advice on how to get started and provide equipment, please email wasteteam@walthamforest.gov.uk for more information.  

Going the extra mile

We know that clean streets are a top priority for residents and we‘re working hard to tackle the issues that matter the most to you including littering and fly tipping. We’re going the extra mile, working 24/7, every single day of the year to make sure your streets and neighbourhoods are clean. 

We have zero tolerance for people who don’t treat our borough with respect and we’re clamping down on people who litter and fly tip in our streets. Every day we’re catching, fining and prosecuting people who dump rubbish in Waltham Forest.

Keeping your streets clean

Every week we:

  • Clean 2,500 miles of streets
  • Collect rubbish from 104,000 households
  • Clean 1,650 streets
  • Empty more than 1,500 litter bins

Last year: we

  • Fined over 1,000 people who fly tipped in our borough
  • Issued more than 10,000 littering fines

And we’re also:

  • Planting 1,200 trees. This will take us to over 50,000 trees, the most trees we’ve ever had!
  • Delivering £500,000 park improvement projects chosen by residents
  • Supporting over 100 groups that help keep our borough tidy, green and loved

Cover stories

Kasirye and Anmol, Neighbourhood Officers, Waltham Forest

“We’re on the streets 24 / 7, every day of the year to tackle fly tipping and littering. There’s absolutely no excuse for dumping rubbish and we’re going after the people who don’t respect our borough.

“We have 21 enforcement officers and we investigate fly tips for evidence, looking for information that could lead to a culprit being identified. Our night time enforcement team are also clearing and investigating fly tips overnight, keeping the streets clean and catching fly tippers.

“Last year, we fined over 1,000 people for fly tipping in Waltham Forest. 

“If you know someone that is dumping rubbish, please confidentially report it to us

“We are all Team Waltham Forest, working to keep our borough clean.”

Ryan, Neighbourhood Officer, Waltham Forest

“I work hard to keep Waltham Forest clean and tidy. We’re not accepting mindless littering in our borough, we take pride in our neighbourhoods and we’re cracking down really hard to stamp this out.

“Our team is out every day, catching and fining people who litter our streets - last year we issued more than 10,000 littering fines!

“There’s absolutely no need to drop litter: Each week we collect rubbish from our 104,000 households.  And every fortnight we collect recycling and also provide a free fortnightly garden waste collection, all year around.

“People can dispose of their rubbish at our 1,500 public litter bins. And if a public bin isn’t nearby, please do the right thing and take your litter home.

“We are all Team Waltham Forest, working to keep our borough clean.”

Ralph and Elizabeth, Cleveland Park Residents’ Association

“Cleveland Park Residents’ Association has been entering the “London in Bloom” awards for six years. In 2016 and 2017 we achieved Gold and Outstanding in our categories.

“Residents of all ages meet up one Sunday in each month during the season – these are called Cleveland “Perks”. We look after 30 edged tree pits together with four plant troughs.  Activities include: propagating cuttings, trimming hedges, tending front gardens and generally keeping our three streets as tidy as possible.

“The council is very helpful in organising delivery of council compost and the collection of gardening waste. We work with the Police and other groups to make Cleveland Park as attractive as possible for passers-by as well as residents.”

Paul, Luke and Monika, Park Officers

“We have fantastic and really beautiful parks and open spaces in Waltham Forest, and we’re really proud to work with residents to keep them at their best.

“Over the coming months, we’re delivering £500,000 of park improvements that have been chosen by residents.  Some of the great projects are likely to include new shrubs and flowerbeds, biodiversity projects such as bat boxes and new play and gym equipment.

“Another thing that makes us proud is that we’re planting 1,200 trees across the borough – our biggest ever tree-planting exercise. It will take us to over 50,000 trees, the most trees we have ever had!

 “We are all Team Waltham Forest, working to keep our borough clean.”