John Walsh and Fred Wigg Towers improvement programme


So that you and other residents of Walthamstow can enjoy safe modern housing, the council is regenerating the John Walsh and Fred Wigg estate.

This will involve:

  • transforming and refurbishing the towers
  • creating a third block 
  • improving the quality of the homes inside and out
  • increasing the number of homes to let
  • providing a long-term sustainable solution to current resident problems

Resident focus group Click to get info

Residents’ views and opinions are central to this project. In order for these to be heard a resident focus group was set up to:

  • the internal layout and design of the new flats
  • the external design of the blocks
  • design of the concierge and lift area
  • external planting and landscaping
  • charter of key promises for residents
  • rehousing  and allocation of new flats

Visit the project shop Click to get info

The project shop is located in the car park between the towers and is open for enquiries about the project every Tuesday and Friday from 9am until 1pm and 2pm until 5pm

The current opening times are:

  • Tuesday and Friday 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm

Community Newsletters Click to get info

The Council sends out regular newsletters to residents which include; updates and news of the development, decanting information and useful contacts.

You can read the newsletters here:

Contact Click to get info

You’re invited to call us today and discuss any matters about the transformation of your estate.

For information please contact:

Bea Symington on 020 8496 5405 about consultation and getting involved
Jacqueline Franklin 020 8496 5162 about decanting and bidding
Michelle Carroll on 0208 496 5425 about bidding and allocations
Andrew Ochia on 020 8496 5547 about development proposals
Meera Kumar 020 8496 5592 about development proposals.