Local waste and recycling centres

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There are three household waste and recycling centres in Waltham Forest.

If you have items that can’t be collected as part of our large item collection service you can take them to one of the three household waste and recycling centres:

Items can also be taken to the Second Time Around shop, which is located at the Kings Road household waste and recycling centre.

The amount you can bring has changed

Each household can bring:

  • Six standard rubble packs of soil each month
  • Six standard rubble sacks of rubble each month

A standard rubble sack is 20 inches by 30 inches or equivalent.

Visit wiseuptowaste.org.uk/rrcs for more information.

Clinical waste Click to get info

The council provides a collection service from domestic properties for clinical sharps and CAPD home dialysis waste. Yellow bags are provided for CAPD waste.

Make a clinical waste enquiry

If you have a complaint about the behaviour of staff who collect your waste and recycling please report this to us.​

Report waste and recycling crew disputes

If you don't have access to a pc, why not visit a Library Plus branch where you can use a self-service pc to log your request/report. Staff are available to support you if you need it.​​

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