London Borough of Culture 2019 launch the Waltham Forest Welcomers

23 November 2018
Waltham Forest will be London Borough of Culture in 2019

Waltham Forest Welcomers is a skills-development training programme aimed at customer-facing staff working in Waltham Forest’s retail, restaurant, hotel, pub, club and public transport sectors. The Waltham Forest Welcomers will be ambassadors for the borough and play a key role in helping visitors enjoy their experience of visiting Waltham Forest, especially in 2019, our year as London’s first Borough of Culture.

Waltham Forest Welcomers is funded by Airbnb working in partnership with the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Designed for staff working in hospitality, the free two-hour training will provide customer-facing employees with the tools to ensure a consistently high level of visitor experience. The session will be based on Waltham Forest’s Visitor Experience Charter, and will include training in customer service, knowledge of the borough and the London Borough of Culture’s upcoming events programme. All participating businesses will receive an accreditation.

Following on from the training, Waltham Forest Welcomers will be able to provide exceptional visitor experience, guide visitors across the borough, and recommend local events and attractions.

If you have customer-facing staff who you feel would benefit from the two-hour training session, please reserve a space through Eventbrite, entering the password ‘WFWelcomers19’ to gain access. Upon registration, attendees are to use their work email address (if they have one) and submit the contact details of their business sponsor (manager who has recommended that they attend the training) when prompted. Attendees will be sent a reminder notification ahead of their selected date containing all the information they need to know beforehand.

If you have a question about Waltham Forest Welcomer training, please email: