Love Your Borough awards 2017

23 November 2016

Nominations for the Council’s Love Your Borough awards 2017 are now open, so make sure you start planning who you would like to receive an award. The nominations close 20 March, so ensure you get your nomination in before then.

The annual awards give the Council the opportunity to celebrate the work that residents, groups, businesses, charities and the Emergency Services do to improve the physical environment and quality of life for everyone in Waltham Forest.

Whether it’s a local residents’ association that has spruced up streets, a sports coach who gives over their free time to get children involved in sports, a young person who helps others or someone who helps make our borough safer - we want you to tell us about them.

Before you vote using the link below, please ensure you have thoroughly read the description attached to each category to ensure you’re voting for the relevant award.

Please click the LYBA 2017 nominations form to nominate.

The 2017 award categories

Citizen of the Year Award

2016 sponsors NSL Services and Urbaser

2017 sponsors TBA

The Citizen of the Year Award will go to an individual who goes out of their way to make a significant difference in the borough. This could include someone who has gone the extra mile to assist their neighbours in times of need or crisis; who has demonstrated courage and bravery or who goes out of their way to care for and help disadvantaged residents. They may have set up a particular project or initiative to make the borough cleaner and greener or reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, or worked to promote equality and eliminate discrimination.

Uniformed Service Hero Award

2016 sponsors NPS Group

2017 sponsors TBA

The Uniformed Service Hero Award will go to a person working within the emergency services or the armed forces who has gone above and beyond the course of their paid duties or voluntary work. They will have provided exceptional service and demonstrated outstanding dedication to their work. This award winner will be someone who embodies civic pride and has gone that ‘extra mile’ to make a difference to their community, neighbourhood and Waltham Forest as a whole. This could be a member of the armed forces, a local police officer, PCSO, fire-fighter, nurse or a member of the ambulance service – or it could be any member of the armed forces that lives in Waltham Forest and has been in active duty over the last 5 years or is currently serving.

Volunteer Group or individual of the Year Award

2017 sponsors TBA

The award is for the outstanding groups/individuals of volunteers who have worked together to make a positive impact in their community. It could be a not for profit organisation or project doing something within the arts or culture section, giving back to the community.

Improving Your Neighbourhood Award

2016 sponsors Darwin Property Investment Management and Thames Water

2017 sponsors TBA

An individual, group or business that works within their area to improve the environment; helping make the borough cleaner and greener; improving streets, parks or open spaces; reducing litter, fly-tipping and graffiti. This could include taking pride in their garden, organising litter-picks and clean-ups, taking ownership of an orphan site, adopting a flowerbed or someone that has made a significant contribution to protecting our environment and reducing climate change.

Sports Inspiration Award

2016 sponsors GLL and PwC

2017 sponsors TBA

This Award will be won by an individual or group that has achieved some sporting success or encouraged others to get involved in sporting activities. It could be someone who has represented their borough in sports or who dedicates their own time to coaching or organising sports events for people of all ages. The winner may promote and develop sporting initiatives in the community, volunteer or work with young people to get them involved in sport, or raise the profile of sport within Waltham Forest.

Arts and Culture Award

2016 sponsors CDS and Kier

2017 sponsors TBA

The Arts and Culture Award will be presented to an individual or group that is involved in, or actively encourages others in the community to participate in, creative arts projects. They could be involved in anything from art, dance, music, museums, heritage and cultural events. It may go to an individual actor, dancer, musician or writer – or the winner could be someone who promotes art classes for people with disabilities. They may be a group that has contributed to raising the profile of the arts in the borough, celebrates young people’s arts achievements, or actively encourages hard to reach communities or groups to participate in an activity such as dance or music. This will be for someone that brings real credit to the borough through exceptional academic, artistic or cultural achievements.

Making Waltham Forest Safer Award

2017 sponsors TBA

An individual, group or business that has made a contribution to making our communities safer. Someone that has significantly made our community safer. Helping to make the borough safer by reducing crime and disorder or anti-social behaviour; improving drug and alcohol services; increasing support to victims of crime. Could be local, PSO, neighbourhood watch, schools, health bodies or charity groups.

The Leader’s Awards

Leader’s Individual Award                                 

2016 sponsors JB Riney

2017 sponsors TBA

A local hero who goes out of their way to make a difference in the borough. It could be for bringing the community together through  community events, clubs or projects. A special award which will go to an individual who has gone the extra mile to benefit the local community. Winner chosen by Cllr. Chris Robbins, Leader of Waltham Forest Council.

Leader’s Business Award

2016 sponsors Circle Housing

2017 sponsors TBA           

 A local business that goes out of their way to make a difference in the borough, or for helping to increase prosperity, employment or access to the borough through business initiatives.  This is a special award which will go to an business or project that has gone the extra mile to benefit the local community. Winner chosen by Cllr. Chris Robbins, Leader of Waltham Forest Council.

Nominations for these awards are not open to the public.

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