Making for Change exhibition to show how fashion can lead to positive change

29 October 2019
Research residency at Cactus Leather

A three-week-long exhibition will open in Leyton Green on Friday 22 November, as part of Making for Change: Waltham Forest, a partnership project developed by London College of Fashion, UAL (LCF) and Waltham Forest Council, with the aim of encouraging future generations of fashion designers and producers.

The exhibition will comprise of three main areas – education, manufacturing, and community engagement.  

The education theme will showcase for young people in Waltham Forest the career prospects within fashion sustainability. This will include teaching resources developed by LCF staff and a number of works produced by students from Waltham Forest schools.

The second theme will present the research residencies of three LCF staff members who have worked with three textile and fashion manufacturing businesses – Wagland Textiles, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers and Cactus Leather – helping them solve a particular challenge they face

The final area of the exhibition will focus on the local community so visitors can see a number of making activities and creative workshops which involved community members throughout the project. On display will be slogan t-shirt designs, upcycled garments from the art performance ‘I Wanna be me, I Wanna be (E)U’, and embroidery work, all of which showcase the creative skills gained by local people.

The exhibition will be at the project’s newly developed fashion hub, Arbeit Studios Leyton Green – 778-782 High Road, Leyton, E10 6AE – which until recently was a derelict supermarket. The studio now provides affordable workspace and support for local businesses, flexible gallery space and delivers shared services for the borough. 

The exhibition is open each Wednesday to Sunday between Friday 22 November – Sunday 15 December 2019, 1pm – 7pm and admission is free.

Laura Gander-Howe, Director of Public Engagement and Culture at London College of Fashion, UAL, said: “Making for Change: Waltham Forest is an amazing collaborative project which has contributed to the development and nurturing of local creative talent. By introducing a number of initiatives across the school curriculum and within the local community, we have seen what can be achieved when you bring young people, researchers, artists, designers and manufacturers together, to push forward the message that fashion can be fundamental in creating positive change.”

Councillor Paul Douglas, Waltham Forest Cabinet Member for Culture said: “One of our main ambitions of being the first London Borough of Culture has been to support growth and highlight the cultural opportunities within our community. I am incredibly proud of the work we have achieved thanks to the support of the Great Place Scheme and London College of Fashion, UAL. Making for Change: Waltham Forest has provided a platform for the next generation of artists and creatives to nurture their talents and I am excited to see how this programme will develop in the future.”