Motorcycle parking in Waltham Forest


Changes to Motorcycle Parking in Waltham Forest

Historically motorcycles have been able to park free of charge in Waltham Forest, this included pay to park bays, permit bays and within council controlled car parks. This was largely due to the fact that motorcyclists were unable to securely display paper permits or pay and display tickets safely. As part of our recent fees and charges review the decision has been made to introduce parking charges to motorcycles.

Officially from 1 April 2019 motorcycles parking within the London Borough of Waltham Forest will be subject to the same parking charges as cars, vans and other vehicles. For ease of reference, the changes basically mean that wherever a car would need to pay to park, a motorcycle would also be required to pay.

In order for motorcyclists to get adjusted to the transition from free to paid for parking, between  1 April - 1 July 2019 we will only issue warning notices to motorcycles parked in areas where they would previously have been able to park for free. From 1 July 2019 actual penalty charge notices (PCNs) will be issued to any vehicle in contravention.

As a borough, Waltham Forest is committed to lowering our carbon footprint and to reducing co2 emissions in general. 

We want to ensure that we do everything we can to minimise the number of vehicles entering the borough unnecessarily, part of this includes ensuring parking places are prioritised for local residents and businesses.

Another reason for the change is due to the fact that we have introduced virtual permits and payment options, which allows motorcycles to make payment safely and securely.  

In addition we have had a number of reports of anti-social behaviour linked to moped use; we hope this additional form of parking control will help prevent and deter this by making it easier for our enforcement teams to move on such nuisance vehicles.

All charges which currently apply for cars will, from the 1 April 2019, also apply to motorcycles, this includes; council run car parks, on-street pay and display, pay by phone bays, permit bays, and anywhere else cars pay to park.

Motorcycles are classed separate from cars for purposes of banding, for example if a household has a car with a residents permit and they wish to purchase an additional residential permit for their motorcycle they would pay the ‘1st vehicle’ tariff for the motorcycle.