Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives, 28 September

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A family friendly event for all ages bringing the community together to celebrate Black History Month.

A stage performance with a continuing narrative based on the theme ‘Parallel Lives’ of Dominicans and Antiguans & Barbudans. Starting from the slave trade through to present day and our lives in the UK, the narrators will link the theme with performances and activities including exhibitions, short films and talks on black pioneers.

Presentations and displays including a variety of Arts and Cultural forms will be used to highlight various topics including pre-slavery history, emancipation, call to the Mother Land, re-settlement experience, looking to the future and ending in a musical celebration.

Join us for an inspiring and fun-filled evening from 5pm - get your tickets here:

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Holy Family School, Wiseman House Site,
34 Shernhall Street
E17 9RT