Parking challenge: clamp or removal

Firmstep Form: 

Please provide your contact details and your representation details in the form below. If this form is received after the Notice to Owner has been issued, this challenge will be processed as a formal representation.

Before a representation can be made, the clamp or pound release fees/storage charges along with any relevant Penalty Charge Notice have to be paid.

Ticket details:

What is the date on ticket? *
What is the date on ticket?

You can scan and upload the notice of repossession:

  • We accept the following kinds of documents: Microsoft Word files (.DOC or DOCX), RTF files (.RTF), plain text (.TXT), PDF files (.PDF), or ODF files (.ODF)

  • We accept the following kinds of images: JPG files (.JPG or .JPEG), GIF files (.GIF), PNG files (.PNG), PDF files (.PDF), bitmap files (.BMP), Windows Metafiles (.WMF) or TIF files (.TIF or .TIFF)

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