Public recycling banks

Traid clothes recycling bins


Textiles and small electrical items

If you have any unwanted clothes, shoes or other textiles please take them to green Traid or Salvation Army banks located around Waltham Forest. Drop off textiles in any condition and they will be separated into good quality items to be passed on, or damaged items which will be recycled.

You can deposit electrical items at one of the grey small electrical recycling banks located around the borough. DHL Envirosolutions will recycle all electrical appliances less than 52cm x 51cm in size from the banks, for example kettles, laptops, phones, irons, hair dryers or toasters.

Report a problem

If you see fly-tipping, graffiti or any other anti-social behaviour happening at these banks please report it by emailing immediately.

Let us know

  • the bank’s location (e.g. street name, postcode, street junction)
  • a description of the incident
  • a supporting photograph

Textiles recycling banks Click to get info

All items must be placed inside the banks.

Salvation Army


ASDA, 1 Marshall Road, Leyton, E10 5NH

Gateway Road Household Waste Recycling Centre, Gateway Road, Leyton E10 5BY (near Asda store)

ASDA- Tickled Pink, 1 Marshall Road, Leyton, E10 5NH

Linford Road Car Park, Stocksfield Road, E17 3LS

Co-operative Store (Man Grp), 817 Forest Road, Walthamstow. E17 4JD

Richmond Road off Station Road

Tesco Stores Ltd, 825 High Road, Leyton, E10 7AA

Stanley Road car park Stanley Road, E10 7EQ

Co-operative Store (Man Grp), 1 Station Road, Chingford, E4 7BJ

Sewardstone Road near Kings Head Hill, E4 7PU

Attlee Terrace, Attlee Terrace Estate, E17 3EG

Brandon Road Car Park, Brandon Road, E17 3TJ

Bisterne Avenue, E17 3QS

Outside Chingford Bus Station Station Road, E4 6AG

Fernmill Court, E17 4AJ

Outside Chingford Mount Shoppers Car Park, Hall Lane Car Park, Hall Lane, E4 8HH

Hartwell Drive - off Aldriche Way, E4 9LT

Junction Hainault Road / High Road Leyton opposite King Edward Road, E10 6RT

70 - 84 Alriche Way, E4 9LT

Outside Chingford Hall Children's Centre, Next to 10 Burnside Avenue, E4 8YJ

Broadoak Close, E4 9AX

Outside Balmoral House near Adelaide House Priory Court, E17 5LS

Ashford Close, E17 9RX

745 High Road, Junction with Beaumont Road, E10 5AB

Brookfield Avenue / Shernhall Street, Brookfield Avenue Estate, E17 7PD

Mulberry Court Langthorne Road opposite Union Close, Leytonstone, E11 4HW

Sherwood Close, Priory Court Estate, E17 5LS

Junction of Church Hill and Stainforth Road, E17 3RY

Essex Close, Essex Place Estate, E17 6JS

High Street Car Park Mission Grove, E17 7DE

Vine Road, Brantwood Close Estate, E17 3DY

Outside Thomas Gamuel Primary School, Colchester Road, E17 8NX

Avon Road, Avonfield Court Estate, E17 3RD

Leytonstone Tube Station, Grove Green Road, E11 1SL

Hatch Lane, Hatch Lane Shops, E4 6NE

Courtney Mews / Courtney Place, E17 7PP

Falmouth Avenue, Sheldon House, E4 9PZ

Junction of Higham Street and Higham Hill Road, E17 6EA

Cherrydown Avenue, Vintage Mews, E4 8DP

St Andrews Road near St Andrew's Centre, E17 6BA

Hall Road, Waltham Forest Resource Centre, E15 2BJ

Lynmouth Road, E17 8AF

Hall Road, Blackthorne Court, E15 5BJ

St Davids Court, Albion Road, E17 3HZ

Hall Road, Macberry Court C, E15 2BJ

St Nicholas Court, 121 Aldriche Way Highams Park, Chingford, E4 9LX

Forest Road, Adjacent to Tesco Express, E17 6ND

Wood Street near junction with Chestnut Avenue North, E17 3NA

Cairo Road, Churchill Terrace Estate, E17 3AG

76 Peel Close, Leyton, E4 6XU

Amber Avenue, McEntee Avenue, E17 5PA

Junction of Green Pond Road / Colville Road, E17 6EL

Wenlock Mews off Albany Rd, Rayner Tower, E10 7EJ

Corner of High Road, Leyton and Dawlish Road, E10 6QA

Lena Kennedy Close, Sparrow Court, E4 9XB

Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road, E17 4JF

Selborne Road, E17 7LS

Outside 9-12/19-25 Tenby Court Tenby Road, E17 7AT

Albany Rd off Lea Bridge Rd, E10 7EL

Winchester Road near Evanston Avenue, E4 9JP

Campion Road / St Lukes Court, Beaumont Road Estate, E10 5BJ

Hollydown Way junction of North Birkbeck Road, E11 4LD

Campion Road / Aster Court, Beaumont Road Estate, E10 5BJ

Eatons Mead, Chingford, E4 8AH

Lake Road / Beaumont Road, Beaumont Road Estate, E10 5BJ

Ive Farm Lane, E10 5LX

Montague Road, Fred Wigg Tower, E11 3EP

Highams Park, Larkshall Road, Highams Park, E4 9HH

Corner of Gosport Road and Falmouth Way, E17 7NZ

Kirkdale Road, Leytonstone, E11 1HP

Lea Valley Ice Centre (inside), Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, E10 7QL

Hatch Lane, E4 6LP

Robinson Close, E11 3PA

Marlowe Road, junction of Back Road near Lord Brooke Pub, E17 3HA

Beechwood Drive, Drive Estate, IG8 9QY

Junction of Essex Road and St James Lane, E10 6HZ

Chingford Lane, Payzes Gardens, IG8 9QT

Lea Bridge Library, 382 Lea Bridge Road Leyton E10 7HU

Montalt Road, Elm Lodge, IG8 9RT


Church Hill Road, Albert Whicher House Estate, E17 9RX


Small electrical items Click to get info

Small electrical items (less than 52cm x 51cm in size) can be recycled at the following recycling banks:

Aldriche Way
E4 9LX
Richmond Road
E4 7BN
Sherwood Close
Priory Court Estate
E17 5LS
Vine Street and The Drive
Junction of Vine Street and The Drive
E17 3GF
Kirkdale Road
E11 1HP
High Street Car Park
Mission Grove,
E17 7DE


All items must be placed inside the electrical items banks.

Large electrical items Click to get info

Large items such as TVs, monitors, washing machines and fridges mustn’t be left next to the banks. As all large electrical items can be either reused or recycled, the council will no longer be collecting these items for disposal.

Recycling batteries Click to get info



There are battery recycling bins in all Waltham Forest libraries and at refuse and recycling centres.

All household batteries are accepted, including old laptop batteries and other types of portable batteries.

You can exchange car batteries with your retailer when you buy a new battery, or take it to a refuse and recycling centre.

On-the-go recycling Click to get info


On-the-go recycling bins are a replacement for conventional litter bins. They are conveniently located outside stations, by bus stops and on our busy streets in Waltham Forest.

They have separate compartments to collect recyclable materials and regular waste. Make sure you only place the following items materials in the recycling compartment: