Share your views on road safety

17 July 2018

Motorists, cyclists, public transport users and pedestrians are being asked to share their views on road safety in the borough.

Last year Waltham Forest Council secured a £30,000 grant from the Road Safety Trust to carry out a three year research project with road users to find out their perceptions of road safety in the borough and compare the results with data from collisions that have occurred in recent years.

The Road Safety Trust is an independent charitable trust dedicated to supporting projects and research aimed at making roads safer for all road users. The information gathered from the research project will be shared with other local authorities and interested parties who want to understand how safe different road layouts make people feel.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “We want to know how safe people feel when travelling around the borough, whether they are a driver, cyclist, pedestrian, public transport user or all four. It’s important for us to understand the good and bad points that people experience, whether it’s speeding cars travelling along a long straight road, or sharp corners that leave pedestrians and cyclists nervous as they go around them.

“This survey will provide a valuable insight into how people feel about our roads, and when compared with statistical data around accidents will inform not just our plans in Waltham Forest but policy makers around the country about their future plans for infrastructure changes.”

Sally Lines, Chief Executive of the Road Safety Trust, added: “We are very pleased to support this project to evaluate Road Safety in Waltham Forest. The views of road users are key and we encourage people to take part. The findings of this project will be of considerable interest to other local authorities and the Road Safety community.”

Road users are being asked to share their views through the Commonplace website, where they can pinpoint exact locations in the borough and share their thoughts about how safe or not they feel there.

To take part visit: