Sixty Bricks


Sixty Bricks is a company wholly owned by Waltham Forest Council. Our aim is to develop thousands of new, modern, quality homes, plus some retail and commercial property over the next 10 years, in and around Waltham Forest and east London.

Sixty Bricks will then offer these properties for rental, with tenancy durations ranging from six months to five years. This is to give more freedom to tenants than under the typical six or 12 month tenancies which are currently available elsewhere. 

Tenancies will be available via council nomination. The Sixty Bricks rental offer will always be competitive and we aim to provide a wide range of packages to suit local needs.   

Sixty Bricks be offering a mixture of:

  • two bedroom houses
  • three bedroom houses
  • one bedroom apartments
  • two bedroom apartments
  • three bedroom apartments

Properties will be available across a number of excellent sites in and around Waltham Forest and east London. All Sixty Bricks properties will be built to the highest standards. 

Over the coming months we will be making decisions on the first of these new developments. It is anticipated that new builds will commence early in 2018 with completions due from late 2019 early 2020.

We will keep this page updated as new developments are approved. 


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