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The council offers free advice to help businesses and schools in Waltham Forest develop travel plans for employees and students that are environmentally friendly and can improve personal safety and health.

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A travel plan is a package of measures aimed at cutting congestion and pollution by promoting greener, healthier travel and reducing dependence on the car.

Travel plans are mandatory for schools, and an increasing number of businesses are undertaking them voluntarily. Developers are required to write travel plans for new developments that are likely to have a significant impact on local transport and the environment.

Travel plan measures encourage walking, cycling, public transport, car-sharing, flexible working and the use of low emission vehicles.

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Travel plans benefit organisations and their staff, other people in the community and the environment. They can help improve quality of life in Waltham Forest. There is free expert advice available to help businesses and schools in Waltham Forest develop travel plans, and some are eligible for grants.

Over the last decade there has been a steady increase in the number of children driven to and from school by car. This is now creating significant increases in traffic congestion, parking problems, air pollution, and road safety concerns during the daily school run.

To tackle these problems the government has launched the ‘Travelling to School Initiative’ with the aim of introducing a sustainable travel plan for every school by 2010.

To achieve this target, every school that develops a travel plan will receive a government grant to fund the sustainable transport measures identified within it. Every primary school will receive a grant of £3,750 plus £5 per pupil and every secondary school will be awarded £5,000 plus £5 per pupil.

The council’s travel plan advisors will assist each school in developing their own site specific travel plan to ensure the school is eligible for the travel plan grant to support sustainable travel initiatives during their daily school run.

A STP is a package of practical measures designed to reduce car dependency for the daily journey to and from school by encouraging children, parents and staff to walk, cycle, take public transport or car share where feasible.

An STP has three main purposes:

  • To ease traffic congestion around the school gates by reducing the number of vehicle trips made to the school site by both parents and staff
  • To increase the number of staff, pupils, and parents walking, cycling, taking public transport and car sharing for their journey to and from school.
  • To educate and raise awareness of the environmental and health benefits of choosing a sustainable travel alternative to the car

The benefits of introducing a STP include:

  • A reduction in traffic congestion and parking problems outside your school during peak times
  • The establishment of safer walking and cycling routes and the development of personal road safety skills
  • Improved health and fitness through walking and cycling, reducing risks of sedentary illness and obesity
  • Educating on healthier, sustainable travel alternatives and the benefit to the local environment
  • Generating good publicity and strengthening the School’s relationship with the local community
  • Financial savings for staff and parents from reduced transport costs as well as reduced journey times during the school run
  • An opportunity for children to socialise on journey to school and arrived alert
  • Walking initiatives, walking bus, walk to school weeks, school car free day
  • Cycling initiatives, cycle training, cycle storage, cycle maintenance
  • Road safety education, pedestrian and cycle training
  • Public transport promotion, more school buses, travel information: maps and timetables
  • Car sharing, parents sharing journeys
  • 20mph zones, safer crossings outside schools and along school routes, no parking outside school entrances

The Education and Inspections Act 2006, places a general duty on Authorities to promote the use of sustainable travel and transport. To enable us to do this effectively we have developed the Waltham Forest Sustainable Modes of Travel to School Strategy (SMoTS).

The strategy outlines the borough’s existing sustainable school travel options and sets out how those options are going to be developed in the future.

The overall aim of this strategy is to promote a positive change in travel patterns towards safer, healthier, and more sustainable journeys to school.

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