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An additional number of properties in the Leyton and Leytonstone area will be participating in the already running weekly food waste collection trial from Monday 15 July 2019.

Most of the properties on Collection Round 3 have been part of the trial since July 2017 and now properties the remaining roads from Collection Round 3 and Collection Round 5 will be joining the weekly food trial. 

Why did we trial a weekly food waste collection?

The most frequent request from our residents about our refuse and recycling service is to have weekly food waste collections. We're hoping that this would encourage residents to stop putting food waste in the black refuse bin. Other neighbouring London boroughs, such as Hackney and Haringey, have a weekly food waste collection service.

What information is available on food waste collection services?

Waste and Resource Action Programme (WRAP) has put together a report on household food waste collections that have been carried out in the UK. The report states the majority of households produce large quantities of waste food which predominantly ends up in the refuse bin. The type of collection (food and garden combined or food only collection) and the frequency of a collection (weekly or fortnightly) have an influence on the amount of food waste collected by a local authority.

Read the Food and Waste Collections Guide on the WRAP website. 

How much food waste has been collected during the trial already?

Over 295 tonnes of food waste was collected in the first 18 months of the trial from properties on Collection Round 3. We have also seen a reduction in the refuse tonnages by a similar amount.

How do I know if I am part of the weekly food waste trial?

The additional properties that are part of the trial will have an advisor come to their door to explain the service in addition to this they will be delivered a letter and a leaflet about the trial with the equipment to take part.

What equipment will be given to properties?

Each property that is part of the trial will be given a kitchen caddy (5 litre) to keep indoors, a small outdoor food waste bin (23 litre) and a roll of compostable liners. There will be an additional delivery of compostable liners periodically through the trial.



What is the difference to the service that is already in place now?

Residents currently have brown wheeled (these can be slim-line or large in size) bins which are collected fortnightly. In these brown bins residents can place both food and garden waste together to be recycled. With the food waste trial, properties will be given an outdoor bin which is smaller in size compared to the brown wheeled bin, only food waste should be placed in there and this will be collected on a weekly basis.



What can I put in the kitchen caddy and outdoor food waste bin?

You can place any uneaten or unwanted food inside the kitchen caddy such as:

  • bread and cakes
  • dairy products (such as cheese and yoghurt)
  • eggs and egg shells
  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • pasta and rice
  • meat and fish (cooked/ uncooked, including bones)
  • out-of-date food
  • teabags and coffee granules

Is there anything I shouldn't put in the kitchen caddy or outdoor food waste bin?

Please don't put these in the kitchen caddy or outdoor food waste bin:

  • any type of food packaging or any liquids (such as milk or oil)
  • plastic carrier bags as a liner

Please see below examples of the wrong things in the outdoor food waste bin and what to do;




Use the compostable liners to line your kitchen caddy

Remove any packaging from food before placing it in the outdoor food waste bin

Do not use plastic bags to contain your food waste

Do not line your outdoor food waste bin with plastic bags

Use the compostable liners to line your kitchen caddy

Remove any packaging from food before placing it in the outdoor food waste bin

Place any packaging that is recyclable in the green recycling bin

Place flowers in the brown wheeled bin to be recycled

Do not place flowers or plants in your outdoor caddy

Incorrect items placed in the outdoor food waste bin will result in the outdoor food waste bin not being emptied on collection day.

When will the food waste be collected?

The food waste will be collected every week on the same day as the refuse and recycling bins are collected but by a different collection crew.

Do I need to use liners in the kitchen caddy?

No, you don’t need to, however it helps to keep the kitchen caddy cleaner and stops it smelling as much.

What should I do with garden waste?

Continue to use the brown wheeled bin to place your garden waste inside of it to ensure it is recycled. This will continue to be collected fortnightly on the normal scheduled brown wheeled bin collection day. You can put this in the brown bin:

  • grass cuttings
  • flowers
  • hedge trimmings
  • leaves
  • plants
  • weeds

Can I still use the brown bin for food waste?

Please try and use the outdoor food waste bin as much as possible for your food waste in during the trial. We want the trial to continue to be a success and we need all of your food waste. There should be enough space in the outdoor food waste bin with a weekly collection.

I'm happy using the current service, why should I use the new service?

We'll use the information gathered from this trial to plan potential service changes for the future of the borough. Please try to use the service we are providing for the trial as we want it be a success.

Top tips for recycling food waste

  • use the caddy liners provided – it keeps the kitchen caddy cleaner
  • start off by recycling used tea bags, fruit and vegetable peelings and uneaten food
  • ensure cooked food is cooled down before you put it in the caddy
  • tie a knot in the compostable liner before placing in the outdoor food waste bin – it will keep the outdoor food waste bin cleaner
  • empty the kitchen caddy often into the outdoor food waste bin

More information

If you require further information, contact the waste team:

Email: wasteteam@walthamforest.gov.uk

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Colworth Road

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