Wheelie bin collections

If you live on a residential street with space for wheelie bins in front of your property, you should have access to a:

  • green bin for recycling    
  • brown bin for organic food and garden waste
  • black bin for all other non-recyclable or non-organic waste.

Green and black bins are emptied once a week. Brown bin items are emptied fortnightly.

If you need to:

  • order a new or replacement wheelie bin 
  • report a missed bin collection 
  • make a a complaint about your bin collection service

complete the relevant form found under the Get stuff done box on this page.

Read on below for further information about:

  • how to find out your bin collection day
  • item eligibility and guidance on how to use each bin type.

See our wheeled bin recycling leaflet (260KB PDF)

Collection days Click to get info

To find out your regular bin collection day:

  • visit My Place and enter your postcode
  • go to the ‘Places and services near me’ page
  • scroll down to ‘Public services’ - your waste collection dates should be listed, here

On collection day, your bins should be collected by 10pm. To help make sure that bins are collected as expected, always make sure:

  • you leave the bins clearly visible at the front boundary of your property by 6am on the day of collection
  • that the right items are placed into each of the wheelie bins
Only wheelie bins that have been provided by us will be emptied on the scheduled collection day.

You can report a missed bin collection up to five days after the bin was missed. To report a missed collection online, select Report a missed bin collection under the Get stuff done box on this page.

Recyclable items include;

  • mixed plastics, including plastic carrier bags
  • paper and card
  • metal or foil tins, trays and cans
  • glass

Always clean your items before placing them in the green wheelie bin. See the below for further examples of each of the above materials. You can also view the full list of acceptable recyclable materials here (PDF).

Mixed plastics item examples

Paper and card item examples

Tins, cans and trays item examples

Glass item examples

Non-recyclable item examples

The following items are non-recyclable. Please do not put them into your green wheelie bin.

Dealing with large sized recyclables

 If you find that you have recyclable items such as large bits of cardboard which will not fit inside your recycling bin please leave them next to your recycling bin on your day of collection. Please flatten any large bits of cardboard.

What to do with excess recycling?

Did you know you the green recycling bin comes in two sizes: slim-line and large? If you find that your slim-line green recycling bin is not big enough why not replace it with a large recycling bin.

Did you know you can have more than one recycling bin if you have lots of recyclables every week?


Organic waste, including food or materials from your garden, should be placed into your brown wheelie bin.

You can order a kitchen caddy to make it easier for you to collect food waste from your kitchen (note: you need to first have a brown wheelie bin, before we’re able to send you a kitchen caddy). You can line your caddy with a single sheet of newspaper or compostable bags branded with the compostable seedling logo (below).

Acceptable items

The following items are examples of organic food and garden waste. Always remove any packaging and put them into the brown wheelie bin.

Non acceptable items

Please do not place these items into your brown bin.

Other items that should not be put into your brown bin, include:

  • Liquids
  • Mixed plastics including plastic carrier bags - even if they say 100% biodegradable (only compostable bags with the compostable seedling logo above are accepted)
  • Treated wood (fencing or shed materials)
  • Soil: small amounts of soil attached to plant roots will be collected, please shake off as much excess soil from around the root as possible
  • Japanese knotweed (please see government advice)

Dealing with excess garden waste

Excess garden waste can be composted at home, left in open bags next to your brown bin, or you can take garden waste (but not food waste) to one of the borough's three recycling centres.

You can place up to 15 bags or sacks of excess garden waste next to your brown bin on the collection day. Bags or sacks should no bigger than 20 inches (51 cm) by 30 inches (76 cm) and left open.

We've teamed up with Get Composting to offer residents reduced priced home composting bins, wormeries and water butts starting at just £16.98 (+ delivery).

To find out more or to order a compost bin, please call 0844 571 4444 or visit Get Composting.

Any leftover household general waste that can’t be placed in either the green recycling or brown organic waste bins, goes into the black refuse bin.

If you’re unsure what goes into green and brown bins please see the above sections on recycling and food and garden waste

Never dispose of hazardous or clinical waste in black bins. Visit our hazardous and clinical waste collection page for more details on how to safely arrange collection of those substances.