In-year admissions

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'In-year admissions' is the term used when a child is looking for a school place during the academic year.

You can make an applications for an in-year admission when:

  • you have moved to, or moved house within, Waltham Forest and need a school place 
  • you want your child to move from one school to another within the same year group 

Apply for an in-year school admission

We advise that you read the guide booklets below before submitting your application, to avoid any errors or delays:

How to register to use the application service

Help with completing the online application form

Online admissions application FAQs

If you are unable to complete the online application form, please contact the Admissions Team on 020 8496 3000 for assistance.

It is extremely important that a child has continuity in their education. For this reason, Waltham Forest Council strongly discourages unnecessary transfers between schools.

If your child is already attending a school, but you feel that a move would be in their best interests, you should discuss your reasons for this with your child’s current school.  It is important that you try to resolve any difficulties by working with the school, rather than requesting a transfer.

You will need to provide your reasons for requesting a change of school and set out what you have done to try to resolve the issues with the current school.

Children benefit from continuity in their education. Waltham Forest Council strongly discourages unnecessary transfers between schools. If you still want to apply for a school transfer then you can fill in an in year common online application form.

If your child is being educated at home and you now wish them to be considered for a mainstream school, you should complete an in year common online application form.
Children attending alternative education provision who are ready to attend a mainstream school are normally placed through Waltham Forest’s Fair Access Protocol. This ensures that the amount of time any child is out of school is kept to a minimum.

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Currently we are open at sycamore house every Monday and Wednesday from 9.30 - 16.30  by appointment only to meet with parents. Please note opening times are subject to change due to the demand and peaks on the timeline. Please ring 0208 496 3000 or email to book your appointment.