Named and Shamed

8 December 2017



Our enforcement and licensing teams work hard to keep residents and visitors to Waltham Forest safe. We try to help businesses and traders improve hygiene standards or trade waste agreements where possible - however, when repeated breaches of standards or incidents of fly-tipping occur we must take stronger measures including prosecutions for repeated non-compliance to ensure public safety, and to send a string message that lax hygiene standards will not be tolerated in Waltham Forest. 

We will use this page to Name and Shame businesses and traders who have been successfully prosecuted - keep checking here to see how your council is working to keep you safe.

April 2018

Dixy Original Chicken, 48 Wood Street, Walthamstow, E17
The premises were visited on Monday 23 April by food safety officers who found mouse droppings on food preparation surfaces, food packaging, empty takeaway and pizza boxes, and even on the sachets of salt and pepper that customers put on their food. Yuck!

Shop front_web.jpg

Dixy Original Chicken, Wood Street, Walthamstow
The entrance of Dixy Original Chicken, Wood Street, Walthamstow


Mouse droppings and urine on salt and pepper sachets-webWEB.jpg

Mice droppings on salt and pepper
Mice droppings on sachets of salt and pepper at Dixy Original Chicken.


Mouse droppings on filthy shelf_WEB.jpg

Filthy shelf at Dixy Original
A filthy storage shelf at Dixy Original


Pizza delivery bags stored on mouse droppings_web.jpg

Food containers with mouse droppings at Dixy Original Chicken.
Food containers covered with mouse droppings at Dixy Original Chicken.


One Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order (HEPO) later and the premises was closed, and when the case went to court the council was awarded £742.00 in costs. Following a prohibition order,  the law allows business owners the chance to make improvements before a follow-up inspection takes place which decides whether a business can reopen.

Dixy Original reopened on 30 April after improvements were made.  

Franco Pizza, 46 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17
This Walthamstow pizzeria was closed by Waltham Forest Council food safety officers after they visited on 5 April and discovered stomach-churning hygiene problems including a serious mouse infestation, piles of festering rubbish and grime-encrusted kitchen equipment.

dead mice in a pool of greaseWEB.jpg

Dead mice in a pool of grease, Franco Pizza
These dead mice were found in a pool of grease in the kitchen of Franco Pizza.

mouse droppings on marigoldsWEB.jpg

Mouse droppings on kitchen gloves, Franco Pizza
There were even mouse droppings on the gloves used by dishwashers.

mouldy foodWEB.jpg

Rotting food, Franco Pizza
Food rotting in the kitchen at Franco Pizza.

accumulation of rubbish in food prep areaWEB.jpg

Piles of rubbish fester in the kitchen , Franco Pizza
Piles of rubbish festered in the hot kitchen just inches from the food preparation area.

March 2018

Romanian Food Cash and Carry, Leytonstone 
The store was closed after inspectors discovered a serious mouse infestation which could have endangered the health of customers on Thursday 29 March. The council was awarded £922.00 in costs by Thames Magistrates' Court. 


January 2018

Al Nasar Kebabish, 139 High Road, Leyton
This Leyton kebab fast-food outlet was hit with an Emergency Prohibition Order and closed after food hygiene inspectors found evidence of mice in the filthy kitchen. The owners made swift improvements and the venue has now reopened.

December 2017

FES Restaurant, 42 Old Church Road, Chingford, E4 8DB
A routine inspection on 12 December found a filthy kitchen and cockroaches at this eatery - a court order was granted keeping the business closed until health risks are removed.


Parts of the FES Restaurant kitchen hadn't seen a good clean in a long time
The FES Restaurant kitchen hadn't seen a good clean in a long time


A cockroach in the FES Restaurant kitchen.
A cockroach in the FES Restaurant kitchen