Social workers in Waltham Forest


If you’re considering a career in social work in Waltham Forest, you can find out about what it’s like to work here in the videos below.

Beverley Stair, Children's Social Worker

Heather Moss, Senior Practitioner

Jan Wrench, Senior Practitioner

Kerona Myrie, Social Worker

James Thompson. MASH Team Leader

We have a continued professional development programme (CPD) which allows you to:

  • attend panels and conferences
  • get access to the latest research and statistics
  • bespoke training
  • post qualifying courses

To strengthen the existing core skills of social work practitioners and managers we own a variety of direct practice tool. These  focus on assessment, planning, parenting capacity, supervision and recording. One of our focuses is helping our social workers capture the voice of the child

We commissioned a systemic practice model from Child Centred Practice which has been delivered

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If you want to find out more about a particular area of interest then email us with the details and the relevant manager will contact you.