Arts for All: Great Art and Culture in Waltham Forest

Arts and events

Message from Chris Robbins Leader of the Council

Arts and Culture are at the heart of the work we are doing now and in the future to make Waltham Forest an even better place to live in the years to come. As a Council we believe that these are not just things that are nice to have, but are essential for bringing our communities together, raising aspiration and improving physical and mental wellbeing among our residents.

This is why, despite the unprecedented funding cuts being imposed on local government, we will continue to invest in our arts and cultural values and how we see the Council’s role in delivering an innovative, dynamic and engaging programme which makes positive changes to the lives of as many residents as possible and attracts visitors form across London and beyond.

A thriving arts and cultural sector will also bring prosperity to the borough, as well as helping Waltham Forest to secure its unique identity in and contribution to the London metropolis. The recommendations in the 2014 Growth Commission report acknowledge the borough’s history of creativity and innovation, and this reputation is being secured into the future through investment in high-quality arts and cultural resources and fantastic events throughout the year.

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Waltham Forest will be the lead outer London borough for arts and culture, known for an ambitious and integrated arts and culture offer, which involves local residents, attracts visitors from across the capital, and makes an exceptional contribution to London’s vibrant arts and cultural scene.

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In 2010 The Council published Taking Our Place in London: Waltham Forest’s Cultural Strategy 2010-2030 (4.5MB PDF file). This strategy explored residents awareness of the local arts, cultural and sports provision, how often they used these services, how happy they were with what was on offer, and any barriers to participation and residents priorities for cultural provision.

We have updated these findings with feedback from our recent arts and cultural programmes, neighbourhood consultation and those engaged with the cultural and creative industries.

The Arts Strategy (3.2MB PDF file)  defines our Core principles; Get Together, A creative Destination and Enterprise, with clear priorities to enable the Councils ambitions and outcomes for art and culture in Waltham Forest.

Implementing the Strategy Click to get info

We will implement Arts for All: Great Art and Culture in Waltham Forest through a series of actions, as set out in the 2016 Action Plan (886KB PDF file).

Our Success Click to get info

We aim to measure our success against key priorities such as:

  • Furthering investment in arts and culture through our regeneration projects
  • Increasing the number of local businesses involved in our programmes
  • Feedback from our creative community of artists and practitioners to demonstrate that we are working together more effectively
  • Efficiently, delivering great arts and culture in Waltham Forest