Nationality document return service

If you’ve applied online for British citizenship, but don’t want to be without your passport or other documents while you send them to the Home Office, you can use our nationality document return service (NDRS).

This is an appointment-based service where you bring your documents with you. We’ll make copies and verify them, then we’ll send the copies to the Home Office by special delivery. We’ll give the originals back to you to at the end of your appointment.

Please note, we can't offer any advice on your application through this service, neither can we check your application or supporting documents for accuracy, or guarantee its success. If you’d like this, please see our nationality checking service.


The service costs £65 per applicant. This includes the special delivery charge to send copies of your documents to the Home Office.

Payment must be made by credit or debit card.

Appointment times

We offer appointments on Mondays to Fridays.

Your appointment must be within 10 working days after you've submitted your British Citizen application online. 

Book an appointment

All applicants over 15 and a half years old (15 years 6 months) must attend their appointment. Applicants under this age don't need to attend.

You must bring the following to your appointment:

  • your British citizenship application checklist
  • your original supporting documents
  • your referee page
  • passport photographs
  • your ‘Life in the UK’ test certificate (please note, we’ll send the original to the Home Office)

What happens after the copies of my documents have been sent?

Once we’ve sent the certified copied of your documents, we don’t have any further involvement with your application.

If you want to discuss your application with UK Visas and Immigration you should contact them directly.

No. You can’t use this service until you’ve made your application online on GOV.UK

If you’ve applied in any other way, this service isn’t relevant to you.

You can now apply for your British passport at the same time as your nationality document return appointment. This means you won’t have to attend an interview at a passport office.

If your application for citizenship is a success, then your British passport will be posted to your home address, after you’ve attended your citizenship ceremony.


This is an additional £10 on top of the £65 for the nationality document return appointment, making a total of £75 per applicant.

The fee is payable when you book your appointment.

Fees are non-refundable.

What you need to bring

Please bring with you:

  • the items we need you to bring for your NDRS appointment (please see the section above called ‘What happens at your appointment’ for a full list)
  • your completed HMPO British passport application to your appointment (available at Post Offices) - please don’t use online passport forms, we can’t accept downloaded forms
  • two photographs – these must be identical to the photograph used for your citizenship application, but  they don’t need to be certified

It’s important that you complete your passport application form in full before you arrive for your appointment. If you don’t, we will re-book your appointment and you will need to pay the fee again.

Book an appointment

How to complete your passport application form

Make sure you:

  • complete sections 1,2,3,4,6 (if applicable), and 9
  • don’t enter a mobile phone number in section 2 – put it in section 8 instead
  • you don’t need to add grandparents details in section 4
  • you don’t need to complete section 10
  • the payment mandate on page 25 must be completed – but don’t fill in the barcode section