Blue badges and disabled parking bays privacy notice

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What information do we collect?

We collect the following information about you;

Name, address, date of birth, gender, photograph, email address, phone number, national insurance number, place of birth, blue badge number, details of mobility, details of your vehicle registration, details of other schemes you may use, details of any person with legal responsibility for applicant, evidence of benefit entitlement.

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We use the information to assess if you are eligible for a Disabled Blue Badge or Disabled Parking Bay; and, if you are eligible, to manage these schemes. We may also use it to prevent fraud, to promote and achieve equal opportunities and to improve the schemes.

Your information will be shared with Blue Badge Improvement Service (BBIS), and a company contracted to conduct mobility assessments. We will also share it with internal and  external providers of services.

We keep successful applications information for 1 year after expiry or cancellation.

We keep unsuccessful applications for 4 years; these are required for audit purposes.

London borough of Waltham Forest are jointly responsible (with London Councils and BBIS) for making sure your information is managed properly.