Get Council Tax discounts and exemptions

Council Tax

You can claim  Council Tax discount, exemption, reduction or relief if you:

  • live on your own and are 18 or over
  • live with people not counted for Council Tax
  • have certain adaptations in your home for disable people
  • are on a low income or benefits
  • are in severe financial hardship

If you live on your own and are 18 years old or over, you’re entitled to 25 percent off your Council Tax bill.

Fill in our Single Person Discount application form

We calculate Council Tax discounts by the number of adults living in your property. But we don't count students and care workers when we work out how many adults live in your home

  • if only one of the adults living in your home is counted, you can get  a 25 percent discount. For example, a house with one care worker and one other adult
  • if all the adults living in your home aren’t counted, you can get a 50 percent discount.  For example, a house of four apprentices

People who aren’t counted as adults

Select the link below to apply or contact us.

You won’t be counted if you:

You may be entitled to a reduction if your home has the following adaptations for an adult or child with a disability:

  • a room, without a bathroom, kitchen or toilet, used mainly by the person with a disability
  • a second bathroom or kitchen for someone with a disability
  • extra floor space inside your home for a wheelchair

We will reduce your bill to the next band down. For example, if your home is in band D, your bill will be reduced to the amount for a band C property.

Apply for reductions for people with a disability

If you have to leave your furnished property empty because you’ve started 'live in' work, you could be entitled to 50 percent off your Council Tax bill.

Your employer must confirm that you'll be living in their property. To apply for this discount please provide us with your emplotment contract, including the address of the property you'll be living in.
Emailed it to us at​, with the subject title 'Application for discount – work accommodation'.

Some properties are exempt from Council Tax. This means, you won't have to pay any Council Tax.

Find out which types of properties are exempt and how to apply.

Council Tax Support Click to get info

Council Tax Support is a scheme to help you pay your Council Tax if you're on benefits or a low income, whether or not you are working. 

If you are in serious financial hardship and it's not your fault, you can apply for a reduction from the Council Tax Extreme Hardship scheme. We have a limited budget, so help will be for a small amount over a short time.

If you don't have a computer, you can visit a Library Plus branch to use our self-service to log your request/report.  Someone will be there to help you if you need it.​​​​​​​

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